Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Using Twitter correctly and getting the followers!

Using Twitter to advertise your items? Social networking has it's benefits and can really help you with your product promotion. The trick is to get the right followers, and make sure you are following the twitters that can benefit you! Don't just promote your items, share your knowledge, your links, your thoughts, and even some fun places with your followers! Always send an occassional direct message to followers. This lets them know you are involved with them personally and taking an interest in their interests! Thus, the social portion of networking! You never know when you will meet that special person who can change your entire business outlook! We are all searching random encounters for the one that matters! Or the many that matter!

Here is a link that will help you increase your followers, then send your new followers a brief message welcoming them and thanking them for their follow!

You can reciprocate and follow them. Browse and link your twitters a few times each day. People post things of interest and that can really help you out with your business all day long! Don't ignore the power of twitter!


SSharma said...

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