Friday, July 17, 2009

Make Money from Me! No work, just post my widget!

I am offering anyone interested an opportunity to make 20% off my products! You really don't have to do any work, either!
Do you have a blog? Web site? Or send out emails often? Just place my widget there! Put simple instruction to add which site they were referred by in the payment note (there is a place in paypal for message to seller- just write "saw this on Debby's Deals", etc). I will also ask all buyers where they saw my product! You automatically earn 20% of that sale! My widget is small, and links only to one store that I have set up for this promotion only! so, every sale from this store I know was referred in and the commission belongs to someone!

Second option... You give me your widget, I will give you mine! I will post your widget on one of my blogs or my web site at All of these sites receive promotion and web search services so they receive several hits a day!
I can help your sales, you help mine!

Another great way to promote for your store, shop, etc. is to send me a relevant article I can post at my web site Everyday I get more and more hits on this site! The information is continuously changing and adding! This makes people come back again and again! why not use your fantastic skill in creativity to write an article, write a recipe, post a great how to or pattern? I will post your button with your article along with a link to your shop, blog, etc. You retain all rights to the article! How fun and easy is that? We all want to share in your skills and knowledge, here is a chance to help my readers while helping yourself! Check it out at!


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