Thursday, July 30, 2009

Get more Sales Series- Second Phase!

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In our previous phase of this series- Get more sales- found only here at Mishaps of Mommy,, we discussed the opening of a store to sell your items along with the joining of social networks to promote- I was going tomove towards RSS feeds, however, many people have been contacting me with questions about the details of opening a store- so, I thought we might want to expand a bit further before moving ahead....

I. Once you have established your stores you need to move to the next steps-

Create a "look" or banner: This link is an easy, free, banner creator... However, there is not animated text or graphics at this site. But, you will need to choose at least a leaderboard, a button size, a small box, and a header banner. Typically, you will use the header or leaderboard for your shops, with the small squares and buttons for you social networks/avatars/icons.

Here are a few I have for my stores:

II. The next thing you need to focus on is :Start submitting your store to web searches, directories, and more:

(These are just a few- just type free web submission into your browser to find more...)

Do you have an SEO? A great promoting tool you would like to share? Add it to the comments....

III. Finally, Share your logo's, banners, stores, everywhere you go.... and check your store sites for widgets, mini stores, etc. Many allow you this option and you can simply cut, and paste the code to your social networks, your web sites, and more... So, go get busy!

PS- Here is one other link that you can check for sites, ideas, hot items to sell or create. There is a variety of tools at this resource to really help you along in your endeavor.

And a social network that will help you along with the above link. Remember, when you sign in, tell them Mommy Tyme Referred you....

Visit The Handmade Artist Hangout

Once you have created your stores and banners, share them here! Go ahead and post your banner with the link to your store here - It's like free advertising! I can't wait to see your work! Also, go ahead and load your widgets or mini stores! Let's share our selling sites....Come on, get busy...


One Scrappy Chic said...

Thanks so much for all the info! I will definately use information about submitting your my site to search engines and directories! Off to get started...

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Share the banner/button/etc. Link me to yours, and I will reciprocate
Email or comment once you have posted my banner and I will reciprocate!