Friday, January 29, 2010

reBlog from Mommy Tyme: Mommy's Reviews you can Use

I found this fascinating quote today:

Want a fun and easy way to promote yourself?  How about your blog- you can actually add a feed to your lens!  Or your Etsy mini?  Sell on ebay?  You can pull your items from ebay and promote them here, too!  There are so many things you can do with squidoo!  If you don't have one, get one!  They are totally free.  Plus, you can actually earn money simply by allowing Amazon and other top name vendors to advertise on your lens!  It is really easy to set one up.  Use it to sell, promote, talk about your hot new items.Mommy Tyme, Mommy's Reviews you can Use, Jan 2010

You should read the whole article.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

reBlog from Mommy Tyme: Mommy's Reviews you can Use

I found this fascinating quote today:

Made it Myself is one of those great venues where you can sell your handmade items, yet, somehow I missed the boat on this one! I am kicking myself now. Initially, I had posted 5-6 items on there, and then just sat back. Other than joining the Made it Myself on Ning site, I did little to no marketing for this venue. Ugh! Now, I checked it out today just to see if there had been changes, improvements, etc. AND WOW! There really has! Here are just a few of the benefits I see of MIM- 1. Its free! Really free. 2. You can list unlimited items 3. there is a huge image of your banner at your individualized URL, 4. you can add the badge that links directly to YOUR shop, not the marketplace in general 5.  Recently listed items are posted on the FRONT page- so you can stay up there until the amount of new items listed by others  pushes you off - but, depending upon your listing time, this could be a few days and so you are getting FRONT page exposure for free! 6.  For a super low fee of .49 you can have your item listed on the front page for the duration of your listing - that seems like a fair investment if you consider Etsy charges 7.00 for their Showcase! 7.  Now here is something truly unique- you can set your listing as Negotiable, and buyers can make offers, you can wheel and deal, make trades, etc.  And all of this is tracked, goes through your payment service, so there is a record of your agreement.  You can even issue a coupon.  How is that for customer relations? 8.  You can "link" with Made it Myself by adding their banner to your blog, site, etc.  and in return they will post a small banner of yours.  Now this appears to be a first come first serve, and it is not a neverending time frame that your banner is posted.  I assume that you are posted for a short duration (week- month) which has its benefits.  The reason this is a positive is because when a shopper checks out the link page, they are not overwhelmed with thousands of banners.  Instead there are about 12, so that is appealing and functional for a shopper.  When you are lost in a crowd of 100, what are the real chances someone is going to pick you link? 9.  finally, the community and forums is great!  These are not pages and pages of entries that you muddle through like on some of the bigger marketplaces- You can go to the forum that posts the topic you need (sales, marketing, glitches, etc) and see your post immediately.  Because it is not thousands of entries, others respond back really quick.  I found the forum and community page the easiest to use of any of the marketplaces thus far!Mommy Tyme, Mommy's Reviews you can Use, Jan 2010

You should read the whole article.

New way to Promote your Etsy shop

I was emailed this link to a great little blog that is all about promoting your Etsy shop on Twitter!  Brilliant idea, actually... Here is how it goes...
Everyone uses the hashtag WWes and then post your link, etsy shop, sale, etc!  Other followers of the blog will do a search each day for WWes and Retweet all the items that pop up!  So your tweet may be retweeted a dozen or so times to a various other group of followers!  Great idea, eh?

If you would like to check it out for yourself, here is the link-
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Friday, January 22, 2010

Create Banners for Free! Peel Away ads, buttons, all that jazz...

I found an awesome program the other day!  Yes, its free!  Yes, I tried it!  And yes, it really works.  A little tricky at first, but you need to just mess around with it until you get a feel for it!  This cool program lets you create Peel Away Ads, banners, flash banners, ... all that cool stuff you are probably paying someone else to do for you!  Now, I am no expert, but it really was not too much- just add your text, choose your colors, and there you go....

Here's a link if you want to give it a go... Now, I think the catch is you have to muddle through some advertisements.  But, it only takes 30 seconds to get through that, then you are ready to create!  also, it saves your graphics, so if you upload pictures to the program- you won't have to continue to do that; they will be accessible the next time you create!  Come back and let me know what you think...

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Mommy Tyme handmade bath and body, gifts, jewelry, and fashions

Mommy Tyme handmade bath and body, gifts, jewelry, and fashions

Advertise for free right now! Openings available with $.0 for beginning bid through Project Wonderful. Click on the page, look to the right and you will see the Project wonderful bid boxes. Currently there are no bids, so you can get these spots for free for however long they remain open without bids! perfect for anyone with a shop... Who can beat FREE advertising?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First Ever Facebook Contest! Sweetest Sweet for your Sweety!

I am having my first ever facebook fan page contest!  I enter them all the time, but rarely host them!  But, as many of you know, facebook can be a fantastic source for promoting and showing off your latest works!

So, hit the link and check it out!  Sweetest Sweets for Your Sweety contest!  Post the sweetest gift idea you have created with your shop, link, url and avatar (if you have one!)  I will show your work off on facebook pages, blogs, twitter, my site, Mulitply, and everywhere I can find that will let me post!  You have to fan the page, and you have to enter by 2/1!  Oh, and obviously it has to be YOUR creation...

So, come check it out and get started!

Oh, PS- I always fan or follow my newbies back!  So this is one more linkback to build your biz....

Find the facebook fan page at:

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Exploring the Claims of Traffic services, Referral Packages, Profit Machines, Etc.

I signed up for this new program to help me with traffic to my website and web stores.  You never really know if the claims are true or not, until you try it.  Since it is free, what the heck?  right?  Well, here is the promo for the service... Scroll down and I will tell you a little more about what I learned!

You get EVERYTHING you need for success...

tools, training, traffic and the complete worldwide Monitor network.

We have created a powerful LIVE video system that will
build ANY business in a matter of days.

After you join and ATTEND our LIVE webcast YOU will get access to our report that shows
you how to get 50,000 Home Based Visits To Your Site.

Details Click Here -->

Sounds great, right?  Well, I signed up, logged in and boom... There is a live chat type window open.  You are asked to write a message to announce your presence, then watch a live stream video.  The video takes about 20 minutes- and basically, it focuses on you PURCHASING an upgrade and from that you can SELL the products that they are offering- books, programs, etc to help build your traffic.
I scoured all the pages and unfortunately, I never did see an opportunity for the FREE visitors or the FREE traffic to my site.  It was really confusing, and when I left the site I actually felt I had better check my pay pal account to ensure I had not been charged for anything (I wasn't).

Just an FYI and MY opinion of the program.  Is there something I am missing?  Maybe.  Is there really a way to receive all the free traffic?  Probably- but, I could not find it!  So, if you are looking for a simple program to boost your web site, this is not the one.  If you are a guru on the web and have plenty of time to check it all out... This could have some potential!

I had posted a few weeks ago that I was going to begin a review and exploration of all the traffic services, link exchange programs, etc out there that make big promises!  I am going to share with you which ones successfully improve my stats, and which ones fall flat (in my opinion!)  So, keep coming back and lets muddle through this together.

Do you have a service you really like?  SErvice that you want to share?  Post your link and we will check it out!

At this point, I would still recommend Traffic Swarm as one of my favorites!  It is easy to use, there is no catch.  You browse ads, then they post yours for others.  Simple concept!  And free!  Here is my link if you want to check it out:
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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Affiliate, Traffic, shopping, earn money from home... All in one? Really?

Ok, here we are reviewing another affiliate/traffic rotation program.  This one I will give a thumbs up, though!  It actually works.  Super easy, you view sites, you earn credits or money (your choice), then you can cash that money in for your site being posted.  Does it work?  yes.  Can you really cash the money in for CASH?  Yes.  There is a minimum withdrawl amount you have to reach before you can actually have the money transferred, though.  It is about a penny a click, so it will take a while.  But, you can do like I do, view a few sites, take those credits and convert them into your own advertisements.

There are a ton of other services on there, too.  There are shopping sites and discounts, contests, and more... Check it out!  Then come back and tell me what you think...
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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Reduce Footprints: Change The World Wednesday

Reduce Footprints: Change The World Wednesday

If you have not checked it out, you should! Stop by and see some fantastic ideas on how to reduce and reuse!

Continue to find storage space and Organize! Not just in the craft room, but everywhere...

Since I have been focusing on de-clutter, organize, systemize, etc. etc. in my craft/workspace, I decided to scout some tips from the experts.... Here is a fantastic article that seems to be in step with my thoughts on getting your items into their correct place:

Home Organization 101: Easy Steps to a Clutter Free Home

When you first move into your home it seems like you have so much space.  As the years pass, you might find yourself becoming a pack rat.  What are you going to do with all the stuff you have accumulated?  Perhaps it’s time to weed out the unnecessary items and organize your home.

Home organization is a step-by-step process.  It will take more than a day or even a week to get everything to a manageable level, but once you do staying organized is an easier task.  If you have a family, enlist their help.  They can pitch in and learn a thing or two about controlling clutter in their life. 

1. Start with the high traffic areas.  The living room and kitchen are usually the two most used rooms in the house.  Everything gets dropped on a counter or the couch in these two places.  Concentrate on getting everything set up the way that you like it before moving on to another room.

2. Use storage containers.  Over the years, the style of storage containers has upgraded to be pretty as well as functional.  Instead of storing containers in stacks in the garage, purchase ones that match your décor in each room and integrate them so that no one would even notice they were being used for storage.

3. Divide items into categories.  You can use heavy duty trash bags for this part.  Everything that you find can go into a pile: KEEP, THROW AWAY, GIVE AWAY, and RELOCATE.  Items that will stay in that room are to keep.  Things that you don’t need or are broken can be thrown away.  Clothes or furniture still in great condition can be donated and scheduled for pickup by the Veteran’s association or Goodwill.  Anything that definitely belongs in another room can be labeled for relocation when you get to that room.

4. Remove everything from drawers and cabinets.  This is a time-consuming process but it is easier to start with an empty space and fill it instead of simply pushing things around.  If you line things up on the counter, someone else can help by putting the items in some type of order.

5. Make use of all of your available space.  In the kitchen, for example, appliances or extra containers can be stored on top of the cabinets provided they don’t extend all the way to the ceiling.  That’s extra storage space without benefit of a storage container.  Also use the top of the refrigerator for cereal boxes and breakfast food like boxes of instant oatmeal or grits.  In the bedroom, shoes and winter clothes can go into flat storage bins that slide easily under the bed or the dresser.

6. Label your containers.  Use tape and a permanent marker to identify the contents of your storage containers.  Avoid writing on the actual container in case they are reused and the contents are changed.  Labeling also makes for easy identification if you decide to sell or give away a container of books or something.  You won’t have to open each container to locate them.

Organizing your entire house takes time.  But, once it is done, returning everything you use to its proper place will maintain that same level of organization.

Finance & Credit Article Bundle

Home Decor Article Bundle
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Friday, January 15, 2010

Here are some great You Tube Videos to help you with your attempt to Organize!  I love these tips!  Check them out, try some of the tips, then come share with us!  Did they work?  How is it going?

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Organization for Creativity Part 2- Keeping it cheap!

Organizing for creativity - Next Step

So, now that you have sorted and seperated all the areas of your room, you are ready to organize and set up the room in a way that is functional for YOU.  When I divided all the items in my room and sectioned off the areas I found I had more needs than space!  I needed a place to study, a place to do the household finances, etc, a need for an area to work on jewelry making/scrapbooking/wreaths, etc. and a place to store my crochet tools/patterns.  My room just simply is not big enough for all of that!  Realism struck!  This is not going to work! 

So, I decided to work it out on paper- I sectioned off the room and created a hypothetical area for the desk, a theoretical place for the table- I had to leave room for walking and manuevering.  Next I decided what I MUST have handy, and what can be stored.  I will only work on wreaths for a few weeks out of the year, so those supplies can be stored.  In a tote they went, labeled, and moved to the attic.  I went through some of my other items- like jars, bottles, etc. that I have been saving to create something (what?  I don't know yet, it hasn't come to me- But, it will!)  Those type items I boxed up in a tote, labeled and stored.  This continued for a while...

I still had a ton of projects and items that needed space!  So, I tackled one task at a time.  First was to set up the study area.  I rearranged the desk, went through old files, boxed up everything before 2009- labeled and in the attic they went (I literally have receipts from 1997!- is that nuts?)  I had to make room for the desktop, a file cabinet, and my laptop.  I came up with a system, it may not be the greatest, but it saves space and is functional.  The laptop goes with me everywhere, so it has to be somewhere I can grab it and go.  So, I purchased a few desktop organizers from the Dollar Tree for a buck, then put rollers on the bottom of the file cabinet (it was wood- so not to tough a job.  You can purchase rollers at Walmart, the hardware store, etc for under 5.00!  I was fortunate and had an extra set that had come with an entertainment center we purchased a while back!)  WaLa- Instant space!

Then I moved to my jewelry making supplies... This was a little tougher.  There are so many embellishments, findings, beads, crystals, tools, etc.  Before I simply kept everything on the table and worked- but it was crowded, time consuming to find what I needed, and things easily got lost (remember, I have a 4 year old boy!).  So, I thought about what type of components would best serve as storage for all of this.

We have all seen the little clear divided boxes for beads, right?  Those are a great idea, but small.  So, I thought I needed the same concept, but bigger.  I hit the hardware store!  There, I found some great storage ideas- drawers and boxes for nails/screws/washers are PERFECT for beads.  The fronts can be labeled, the drawers slide easily but have a lip so if it gets knocked over the drawers do not come out!  How fantastic is that?  If your a mom, you know exactly why I was so excited!  Another great idea for tools, wire, etc. are the mini 2-3 drawer plastic chests.  All of your tools fit in there, they are small enough to sit on your desk, they are clear so you can see what is in there- all around a great idea AND I got mine at Dollar General for 2.00!  yes, that is right- 2.00!

Here is a few photos of what I am talking about--

These were a tremendous help once I got them filled with individual findings and beads.  I am sure there are all types of storage ideas at the hardware store, much cheaper than what you may find in office supply shops!  

Well, stay tuned as we move to the nightmare I call "Yarn Supply"!  I will post more progress next week!

Have organization ideas?  On the cheap?  share them with us!
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I did not forget about the organizing for creativity series.... I will post phase 2 this week!  Storage and organization ideas for your smaller items and how to get to the next step once you have sorted into piles!  sorry for the delay!  Look for the post on Thursday!

Promote your shop for free with Mommy Tyme! No catch!

A great way to promote your shop/business is with widgets or mini stores!  Many of the marketplaces have them- Etsy, Winkelf, Artfire, etc...

(if you know of more, please comment and let me know... I am not sure of all of the venues out there!)

anyway, I am hoping to create a featured section on my blog- Mommys Reviews- and post a variety of artists mini shops for either a week/or a month at a time- (I dont have all the details under control yet...)

so, here is an excerpt from my blog- Mommys Reviews at  -  If you are interested in participating (Yes, it's free!) then you can comment here with the information, or you can go to Mommy's Reviews and post the information there!  I really hope to get the Mommys Mini Marketplace off the ground in the next two weeks!  So, hurry and post!  Plus, this will really be added promotion for your shop- I will feed it to twitter on a 6 hour interval, also post all new mini shops each week on Facebook, and it has a feed running to my website!  Plus, I subscribe to multiple traffic exchanges and services for both My Mommys Reviews Blog and my website.  All of this benefits you- so, join in the fun!

Here's the details from

"...As we have talked about previously, the Share the Love Series will be ongoing and updated weekly.  As will the pursuit of handmade series which is my weekly blog entry!  The Mommy's Mini Market contains all of my shops- but, my new FEATURE is Mommy's Mini Marketplace- which I hope to have up and running in the next week or so... Here is the deal for this:  If you are a handmade artisan and you want to promote your items/shops- you can do so here!  I would like to feature 3-4 mini shops (or widgets) each week (or month)!  All you have to do is- sign up!  Just leave me a comment with your shop URL, name, and email.  I will choose 3-4 shops for this first feature, then contact the shop owners.  The shop owners will send me the code for their mini shops  I will post the mini marketplace.  One catch, however, is that the online shops must have a mini/window, etc.  I know that etsy, winkelf, artfire, and fuzz b offer this free service- but, as for other marketplaces, I am not sure!  You will just have to ensure that your venue does offer this service.

My readers get a fantastic opportunity to browse a variety of shops with multiple modes of talent!   Readers can shop directly from the blog or they can link to your shop and see all of your great products!  This will give readers a chance to see all the fantastic items out there in the handmade marketplaces- not just the few items I may choose to feature!  And this provides you (the shop owner) with one more link back, one more promotional tool, one more place where your name and products is being shouted out!  You have to do absolutely nothing!  I will tweet your shop's presence here, post it on my website, let my facebook followers know, etc! 

I honestly believe in promoting and preserving the great talents out there!  One of my biggest fears is that by the time my child is an adult, there were only be cheap, mass marketed products for him to enjoy.  I want the future of handmade and artisan work to grow- I pray that individuals continue to express themselves and their creativity and that there continue to be a market that openly appreciates and receives these creations.  So, I feel an ultimate obligation to do my part and shout to the world - Hey check these artists out!  So, Mommys Mini Marketplace is just one more way I can do that!  Problem is .... I need participants (you, the shop owner!)

So, if you are interested, comment with the needed information- and I hope to have this feature section up and running sometime next week!..."

If you have questions, ideas, or thoughts on how to get this up and moving, streamlined, or easier for the readers, let me know!  Hope you join in and participate!
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Saturday, January 9, 2010

reBlog from Mommy Tyme: Mommy's Reviews you can Use

I found this fascinating quote today:

I am currently scouting some treasures to present for Valentines Day- Sweets for your Sweety!  Anything that would make a great gift for someone special.  Personally, I do not care if people feel Valentines Day is a money making gimmick for Hallmark!  I love it and want to be spoiled on February 14!  I think most overworked moms do!  So, lets find some great items that we would love to receive!  then you can conspicuously email the link to your hubby!Mommy Tyme, Mommy's Reviews you can Use, Jan 2010

You should read the whole article.

Free Marketing? Header and Slide up Ads? How do I get this service to work for me?

Over the years, we've all been taught that the best way to grow a sizeable mailing list is to give our visitors a great offer they can't say no to. And the most common way to attract more traffic and readers is to pay or trade with another marketer to have a popup window or hover ad on their site with your offer and hope that the visitors will be intrigued enough to sign up.

But more recently, we're learning that popup ads, hover ads and all those other gimmicks are simply driving visitors AWAY and leaving us with no sales and an unresponsive list.

Until now, there wasn't a sure-fire way to get your ad noticed without getting on people's nerves. One ad network is looking to change that - and do it all for free.

It's called SlideUpAds -

SlideUpAds is a unique, eye-catching way to advertise your site across an entire network without having to resort to distracting popups or banners.

With SlideUpAds, your ad appears at the bottom frame of the user's screen, so they can still scroll on the web page without being interrupted on whatever they're viewing. Since your ad slides up from the bottom gradually (and quickly), it's more likely to get noticed without being distracting and abruptly closed.

SlideUpAds costs nothing to join and there's no charge for any advertising. You simply fill out a short form and get the details of your account, then upload your ad and you're ready to go! It's simple and straightforward and most ads can be online within a few minutes.

For a limited time, SlideUpAds is also opening the doors to what they call a
"Viral Marketing Avalanche". If you refer a friend and THEY join, you get 100% of that person's credits. If your friend refers a friend, you get 100% of THEIR credits too! Of course, your friends still get to keep their credits, but it's like getting double or even triple the exposure without doing any extra work!

Many people are reporting terrific success with SlideUpAds, particularly where popups and hover ads simply haven't performed well in the past. Consider testing your current opt-in form with SlideUpAds and gauge the response for yourself - you may be pleasantly surprised at the results!

To learn more, visit - it's free to join and there's no membership fee.

Just click the link below, remember its free!  I use it, and it really works!
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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Organizing for Creativity

When attempting to create you need a space that you can work in- one that is quiet, organized, and easily accessible. If you pack all of your needed items in hard to reach places, the enthusiasm or creativity when it strikes, will quickly diminish upon being faced with the task of having to locate and gather all of your supplies. I have been struggling with this for some time now. As a full time mom, full time student, working full time I find I have a very limited time to work on my passion- creating! So, when I get those times, I want to get busy- not waste a ton of time trying to find this piece, that skein of yarn, these embellishments, etc. In fact, I have been so frustrated lately, that I simply grab what is accessible and attempt to use it first- but, I know there is that perfect bracket, focal bead, or fragrance hiding in my totes somewhere that would really make the item I am working on Perfect! I just don't have the energy or time to search for it.....

So, I decided this year I was going to make my crafting/study/home office area ACCESSIBLE and FUNCTIONAL! Now, this was a task. I have a small room that is about 12 x 9 to do all of the household budgeting and record keeping, my class work and studying, plus my crafting. Oh, did I forget to mention this room also houses my clothes closet and storage for my shoes? So, you can imagine how I was dreading this task... But, it was my New Years Resolution, and I only had 3 days to do it.

The first day I drew out a plan on paper. I just broke the room down into areas (like a kindergarten classroom) and decided which area would be for what. I needed a table and a desk. I also needed storage- and a lot of it. I make jewelry, crochet, scrapbook and make soap/bath products. So, once I broke the room down into quadrants and lined it out on paper, I went shopping for storage. I saw tons of great storage ideas on the web and in magazines, but I just did not have time to create and decorate all these things in 3 days. Instead I opted for cheap and functional thinking as time allows me later I can decorate a great photo box, or embellish a coffee can for tools.

Once I had all my new containers in tow... I just dug in. I pulled out all of my supplies, totes, etc. and just moved it all into the center of the room. I started going through each and every item (this took a day in itself). I threw out things I knew I would never use (Wow! that was hard!) I divided everything into big totes or piles- scrapbook supplies, jewelry, bath and body, school necessities, household stuff, and my personal wardrobe items. Once it was all sectioned off, I was exhausted!I will tell you- one great investment for organizing is a label maker.  It will undoubtedly help you with the process of separating and organizing, but also help KEEP you organized when done!

I am posting some pictures of the process! I will go through the next stages of my reorganization and show my finished room later this week!

Do you have organization or storage ideas you would like to share? How about telling us about your work area? How did you set it up for functionality and creativity? Is it a shared space? Dish, readers! Share your thoughts and ideas with us!

I moved everything into the center of the room and just started going through all of it!  Each tote, container, etc.  I ended up with 3 garbage bags when I was done!

It took an entire day to go through all of my items.  I ended up with 6 large totes of yarn, alone!

I just opened it all up and started going through it- seperating, labeling, and sectioning off!

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Downline builders can be a great way to start
generating traffic and promoting your programs.
The problem comes when your programs don't match
the owners agenda.

Everyone needs traffic and to bring people into
their sphere of influence but you hate to have the
owner decide the agenda for building your business.

Well that has now changed. Jon Olson and Paul Kinder
have put together a new downline builder and you
decide what to promote.

They help you to bring people into YOUR sphere of
influence and deliver traffic to YOUR programs not
theirs. YOU decide what to promote to YOUR downlines.

They have also included tips and tricks for building
your traffic but let you build YOUR business.

Check them out today and start filling YOUR funnel.

P.S. Stop letting others control YOUR business and
take control today.

Make sure to check back this week.... I am going to list the best of the best, easiest to use- FREE- traffic building, rotating, and banner/site exposure services I can find... I am diligently scouring and surfing to determine what are the best services for people like you and me to use! Those of us with small businesses, home businesses, WAHMS, bloggers, and more... We cant afford those big rotators, nor can we spend hours on the web surfing for credits! So keep up with the programs I have tried for you- then share your experiences with them.

Do you have a program or service you would like me to try? Are you an affiliate with a traffic program? Link services? Swap? Just comment and list your affiliate link/splash page! I would be happy to try it out and pass it on to my readers!

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