Friday, July 31, 2009

Spotlights… Share your blog, your giveaways, your deals, your sales, Grand Openings and more….

Many of you are aware of my website, Mommy's Tyme. This has been an ongoing, super fun project for me. I believe in empowering women, promoting home businesses, and saving the Handmade Movement. I originally developed my web site as a spot for women to find links to information, share, interact, and find great shopping sites of my friends handmade projects. Well, I want to really develop this- I have, in the past, ask for article submissions, craft patterns, recipes and more… I am still asking that and in return I advertise your shop for you. However, I have recently began working with web site services to further explore my idea of promoting shops and handmade. In this aspect I have decided to develop a Spotlight page… I will be combining my articles and reference pages, adding a spotlight page, and keeping my shopping/links/stores page…

So, hopefully, by Monday the web site will be totally revamped with an entirely new look. On that note, the current site has been growing by 24% (average) weekly since I started it. Some pages on some days have had as many as 280 hits, while other days may only have 20 for certain pages… I really want to increase this so I have linked up with some professional services to assist me in growing this project. This will simultaneously help promote those who participate in the Spotlight page…


So, what is the spotlight page? Well, I have offered to promote several contests on different social networks- so I thought I would just expand that. What the spotlight page will entail is Contests, give aways, Blog give aways, etc. So, if you manage a social network and you would like to promote a contest, just submit the information and we will go from there. I will post a slide show, links, and badges for that network. There will also be a section for Blog Give Aways, Blog announcements, etc for your personal blogs. Finally, there will be a "Steal the Deal" Section where you can promote your specials, deals, sales at your shops. I will post your banner, link and avatar with the sale item and information you provide me. Each submission will run for 2 weeks (to start- if I get a lot of interest we will go down to one week)-     FOR NOW THIS IS FREE- WE WILL JUST SEE HOW IT GOES BEFORE WE DECIDE ANY COSTS.     However, in return there will be specific guidelines for you to promote at my site. These will be listed in each category on the page. These are simple requests, such as promoting the page, posting the information on your blog, tweeting it, etc. (Nothing too hard, and all this helps promote your item, also)


I want to offer this to my loyal subscribers to my blogs and my social network friends, first. So, if you are interested in promoting your contest, item, blog, grand opening, etc. on my site (     simply send me the information to


I will not officially open the site until Monday 8/3- but you can be the first Spotlighted if you get your info to me now. I     will send you the guidelines once I have them ironed out.


Social Network owners- Send me the slideshow, the voting link, and the blurb about your contest/network if you want this posted!


I really look forward to this page growing and helping everyone increase traffic and sales for their sites/stores. I will keep all participants updated on the traffic, web site services, changes as they are made… Remember, this is totally free for you!    

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Buy & Sell Handmade Crafts, Jewelry, Quilts, Soaps & Greeting Cards, Custom Homemade Products Online - Made It Myself

Buy & Sell Handmade Crafts, Jewelry, Quilts, Soaps & Greeting Cards, Custom Homemade Products Online - Made It Myself

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Get more Sales Series- Second Phase!

CONTEST! DRAWING! FREE STUFF! HOW? WHY? Simply comment here on this blog, any of my blogs, and on my web site..Mommy's Tyme, and you are automatically entered into my drawing to win free products, samplers, bath, body, skin care products and more from Mommy Tyme Bath and gifts... Each time you comment, you get your name in the drawing again- increase your chances by increasing your activity at all of my blogs, and at Mommy's Tyme,

Check it out! See Mommy's Tyme for more details on the prize this month!

In our previous phase of this series- Get more sales- found only here at Mishaps of Mommy,, we discussed the opening of a store to sell your items along with the joining of social networks to promote- I was going tomove towards RSS feeds, however, many people have been contacting me with questions about the details of opening a store- so, I thought we might want to expand a bit further before moving ahead....

I. Once you have established your stores you need to move to the next steps-

Create a "look" or banner: This link is an easy, free, banner creator... However, there is not animated text or graphics at this site. But, you will need to choose at least a leaderboard, a button size, a small box, and a header banner. Typically, you will use the header or leaderboard for your shops, with the small squares and buttons for you social networks/avatars/icons.

Here are a few I have for my stores:

II. The next thing you need to focus on is :Start submitting your store to web searches, directories, and more:

(These are just a few- just type free web submission into your browser to find more...)

Do you have an SEO? A great promoting tool you would like to share? Add it to the comments....

III. Finally, Share your logo's, banners, stores, everywhere you go.... and check your store sites for widgets, mini stores, etc. Many allow you this option and you can simply cut, and paste the code to your social networks, your web sites, and more... So, go get busy!

PS- Here is one other link that you can check for sites, ideas, hot items to sell or create. There is a variety of tools at this resource to really help you along in your endeavor.

And a social network that will help you along with the above link. Remember, when you sign in, tell them Mommy Tyme Referred you....

Visit The Handmade Artist Hangout

Once you have created your stores and banners, share them here! Go ahead and post your banner with the link to your store here - It's like free advertising! I can't wait to see your work! Also, go ahead and load your widgets or mini stores! Let's share our selling sites....Come on, get busy...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Grand Opening- New Store

Visit the Grand Opening of my New Shop

I have added a few items, but shop now! Get great discounts, deals, and more. Now is the perfect time as I start my set up!

Free store? Venue? and Network?

So we have been talking about joining social networks to promote and opening your selling sites.. So, I was just informed the following site is now free for you to sell and you can also join the social network that it works with for free! The two are intertwined, offer you fantastic resources for selling, a great bunch of people to shoot the breeze with, talk shop with, and learn from... This is really an exciting opportunity. So, check it out ...

Visit I Love Artistry Arts

Similarly, the following, Made It Myself, or MIM is also free and has an adjoining social network. Besides that, there is a paid Gift shop site you can participate in. So, take a moment to check these out, also..

Visit Made it Myself on Ning

Good luck in your store and social network choices. Once you have made a few, feel free to post them in the comments and advertise them to our fellow readers... This is a great way to promote your network and your selling sites... Can't wait to hear where you've set up shop!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

As always, I am trying to find new methods, ideas and free ways to bring you traffic and marketing opportunities. Below is a free method that I currently use. You can enter up to 5 sites and the traffic does come. It is free. You can upgrade, but I use the free version. It is worth checking out. - The Website Rotator PRO Marketers Use!

Mommy's Reviews you can Use


See some great new information- Reviews of new products, products you use every day, easier ways to clean your house, etc. Check it out. Subscribe and be entered to win a free bath, body, skin care gift basket

Losing weight? Stuck? Moving towards a healthier life? Here are some tips to help,... - Blog Nut

Losing weight? Stuck? Moving towards a healthier life? Here are some tips to help,... - Blog Nut

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Make More Sales Series- Phase 1

Ok, so you have a product you want to sell? Well, let's get it out there! First you need to choose a venue to sell your product. If it is handmade, there are several choices like Made it Myself, Etsy, Shop Handmade, Winkelf, and many more (see the tags and links at the bottom). You need to consider, how much are you willing to invest in selling venues. Some are 5-10 bucks, while others are free. However, a free store is useless unless it has traffic, and a large widely publicized store is useless if it has too much competition and others have the same product as you... Thus, the dilemma. So, you will need to explore each store to determine what is right for you. One thing I initially did was to sign up for every store I could find, place my items then just see what happens.... I have now waited about 4 months and am in the phase of narrowing down my store outlets. Attempting to keep up with several stores is difficult and it is hard to track your inventory. Furthermore it is time consuming to list products everywhere. So, figure out which stores you want to try, set them up, and wait a few months to figure out which is the best venue for your Product!
ArtFire - Buy Handmade - Sell Handmade

Do you have other selling venues? Post or comment them to share with our viewers/subscribers/readers....

In the meantime, you will want to access social network sites to find resources, help, support, and friendships. Social networks should not be ignored. This is a wide variety of individuals who may not only be potential customers, but network guru's who can guide you down the right path. I belong to several. Many allow you to post your products, sell your products, post your links, banners, badges and more. That is what you need! So, find the social network that has the tips, members, groups, and forums you are looking for- not just for promoting, but for networking. I have listed several that I belong to, and feel free to sign up for these- tell them Mommy Tyme sent you. Next week we will work on RSS feeds, and your blog!

Visit StartUp

Visit Online Shopping Mall

Visit Artisans/Jewelry Designers Ltd.

Visit The Cafe Handmade Lounge

Visit Live Laugh & Love To Shop

There are so many, I can't list them all right here. But if you use the link below you can browse all of the Ning social networks to find what is right for you.

Visit Ning Directory - Promoting Ning Networks

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Want to Improve you life? Happiness? Feel more in control? Let's work together!

I have started a new blog that I hope evolves into a support group! It is all about making life changes to lead to greater happiness and quality of your moments... Please stop by and check it out! Together we can work towards better health, weight loss, financial freedom and control and improving our relationships!

See me at:

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Super Sales at the Flea Market

Once again, I decided to try my bath, body and skin care products at the monthly flea market held at the Civic Center in our town. I wasn't sure how well I would do, but determined not to give up. My previous experience at this market had not went well, but if you read my blog about that experience, a lot of the blame lied with me and my attitude at the time. This time, I was determined to put a big fat smile on, and sell! sell! sell!

I also used a few ideas from my previous flea market fiasco's. Someone once told me that everything is a learning experience. So, as to feel that I did not waste my booth fee's the previous times, I was determined to use the knowledge I had learned and consider it an investment!

This time I set up a "Try me" table that held sugar scrubs, lotions, lip balms, solid perfumes, and a spritz. I made a big sign that said Try Me. Next to this I set up a Contest where customers could enter their email, address, and name. The winner would be put with my web site contest entries to win a sampler basket. Several people stopped just to sign up for the contest, or the try me table. This gave me an opportunity to approach them and discuss my products. Now, some people were rude and told me they were not interested (but some people are just like that), while others listened to my intro, thanked me and moved on, but some actually listened, look and bought! That was fantastic. So, the Try Me Table and the Entry form contest are "keepers" for future shows.

An added benefit to the contest/drawing is that I got people's email addresses to add to my customer list for future sale flyers and email promotions. And the winner will receive a sampler basket, and after trying the products, will hopefully return. All people who entered the contest were given a business card so they can check my web site for the winner in the next two weeks! That also gets the people to my web site and to my stores- along with all the other people, shops, and social networks I promote on my web site. So, I look at the contest as an investment.

A second change I made for this flea market was a special DEAL. People at flea markets are looking for low cost, great finds, and special deals. So, I offered a 2 for 5.00 soap special (which is an online offer I have right now to build my customer base). This went over well. Especially when I informed people of all the great ingredients in my custom blends like organic cocoa butter, shea butter, lanolin, vegetable glycerin, organic kokum butter, olive oil, and more. I talked to EVERY single person who came to my booth and explained (if they let me..) the benefits of each ingredient. Before they could get rid of me, I asked "What scents do you prefer" once they answered I would find a product that had a similar scent, get the product out, and ask them to smell it. This helped get people's interest.

Besides those changes, I also brought some items to the flea market that are not handmade. I used those as my "grabbers", or product that perked interest and would get people who typically would not stop at my booth over to my booth. I took books, old jewelry, some glassware, and vases. This helped tremendously. I had more traffic at my booth than any of my previous flea markets. Now, this is a tactic you can only use at a flea market, as farmer's markets and craft shows generally have strict guidelines on what you can and can not sell.

Finally, this time I spent twice as much time with the set up. I set everything out in easy, organized fashion. I usually go for the "pretty: factor and arrange things esthetically. Instead I set things up according to like items, fragrances, price, etc. I put items that I had several of in a basket and turned the basket on the side for easy access, but left out a few of the items for people to see. This saved me space, and avoided too much distraction for the buyer. I made big posterboard signs with block lettering (instead of fancy pictures and script), that clearly lined out prices and specials for customers. Sometimes individuals do not feel comfortable asking about prices, and although all items are usually tagged, those tags can fall off. I don't want to lose one single sell or over a missing price tag.

Towards the end of the day I put out a big sign that said 1/2 off End of the Day Special- although I lost some money on this, it gave me new customers who may not normally have tried my products. Not everyone is willing to splurge on themselves when it comes to bath and beauty- this gave them a chance to try a product at a really good price. Hopefully, they will come back.

One thing I did this time to help bring customers back was I listed my web site and web store on every box, label, etc. Not just on the tag, I literally wrote it on the box. A lot of times people will lose a tag, but if the site is directly on the label, once they find they like the product can look for more. Even if the product isn't used up for another 3 months, that website is still on there and as they realize they are out, they can order more!

So, I had a great flea market this past weekend. Unfortunately, that is the last one for the season. I had to try 2 before I really got the hang of it, but now I know for the future events!

I hope some of these tips will help you in your ventures. I would love to hear your thoughts, tips and ideas when you sell at different venues! Please comment and share!

Next Saturday I have a booth at a "Biker Show", so I can't wait to tell you all about this. I can safely say, this is my first Motorcycle show event- but I have created a few items that I hope will be tailored to this group of customers (without stereotyping)- I have created a sunburn bar, super moist lip balm, new jewelry items, ponytail holders, and tattoo care bar!

PS : see my new items just listed at my stores below! The super fat butter bath bar is amazing- it's like lotion and soap all in one step! My Shades of Green is the first piece in my jewelry line utilizing a new wire technique- Please tell me what you think! Excited for feedback!

Increase Your Sales

I initially created this blog to share with my readers the things you should NOT do when trying to market and sell your own products. Every once in a while, though, I do something right! In turn, I want to share those tid bits with you also!

Lately, I have started a few new marketing campaings with my Mommy Tyme Bath and Gifts Line. I was becoming frustrated because sales had hit a lull and was actually debating on just giving up! It is really upsetting when you are paying more for store fees, consignment shop fees, and booth fees at flea markets/festivals, then you are bringing in. I LOVE creating my bath line, though, and the thought of not selling and sharing my products is too much for me to consider. So, instead, I started doing some research on how to get more customers, how to increase sales, and how to convert traffic into sales.

There is way too much information for one simple blog entry, so I thought I would create a running series over the next few months and share the tips, objectives, and goals that I am setting with Mommy Tyme Bath and Gifts. Simultaneously, I will still continue my stories from the road and updates of sites I find helpful along the way. So, thus begins my Increase your Sales Series....

So stay tuned, come back and often and learn as I learn. Together we will learn to increase our retail sales, opportunities online, sales online, and marketing. I beg you to share your stories, triumphs, and even failures with tips and ideas I list during this series! Let's all help one another to achieve our goals as we strive to be self supporting Mommy 'Prenuers!

Visit My Other Blogs that You might Find Interesting:

Please browse my stores at:

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Check out my new blog- This is a time saver,economically smart, great ideas, and help you make good choices for yourself and family! Why waste money on something that you saw on TV until you know it is what is says? Check my blog and see if I have tried it before you buy it! These are NON PAYED reviews of things we use everyday. I always am looking for that miracle fix, that great new product, that one thing that is going to make my life easier and safer... Is it really out there? Well, in my quest I come across a lot of products and try a lot of things! I am just a regular Mom, so learn from my mistakes! Or check out one of my hot recommended products! Stop by, subscribe.... Tell me what you think about different products! leave a comment, or interact here and I will help promote your site, too!

PS I have the latest movie and video trailers- so you can check it out before you waste time at the theatres! Movies are expensive- go to one you know you'll love! Then come back and tell others about it!

Visit Mommy's Reviews at

You Tube is added! Check out the Funniest videos!

I have added you tube clips to the side of this blog! I have scoured for some of the funniest, and most pertinent clips I could find that actually relate to our Mommy Struggles each day! I think these are all clips that we, as mom's, can appreciate! Enjoy! I will update these as often as possible! Take a minute to view a view, and remember.... We are not alone in our attempts to be the perfect mom, wife, employee, business owner, etc. etc. when you wear a lot of hats, one is bound to fall off!

Make Money from Me! No work, just post my widget!

I am offering anyone interested an opportunity to make 20% off my products! You really don't have to do any work, either!
Do you have a blog? Web site? Or send out emails often? Just place my widget there! Put simple instruction to add which site they were referred by in the payment note (there is a place in paypal for message to seller- just write "saw this on Debby's Deals", etc). I will also ask all buyers where they saw my product! You automatically earn 20% of that sale! My widget is small, and links only to one store that I have set up for this promotion only! so, every sale from this store I know was referred in and the commission belongs to someone!

Second option... You give me your widget, I will give you mine! I will post your widget on one of my blogs or my web site at All of these sites receive promotion and web search services so they receive several hits a day!
I can help your sales, you help mine!

Another great way to promote for your store, shop, etc. is to send me a relevant article I can post at my web site Everyday I get more and more hits on this site! The information is continuously changing and adding! This makes people come back again and again! why not use your fantastic skill in creativity to write an article, write a recipe, post a great how to or pattern? I will post your button with your article along with a link to your shop, blog, etc. You retain all rights to the article! How fun and easy is that? We all want to share in your skills and knowledge, here is a chance to help my readers while helping yourself! Check it out at!

Use the Twitter tracker and promote! Promote! Promote!

For my fellow creators, marketers, and at home business friends- below is a link that I think may help you promote! Take advantage of every free advertising opportunity you can find!

Do you belong to any of the social network sites? Well, I am going to share a trick with you that may help you really promote and build your business...

On your page of your social network site you can add applications. To the left of your page there is typically a link that says add apps. Click on this, then in the search que for apps, type twitter tracker. Install the twitter tracker. Go to the settings of your twitter tracker and type in a key phrase like-
free advertising
web promotion
web site submission
or any other phrase that would pick you up some tips on promotion and free advertising. Set your tracker to post 5 tweets at a time. Periodically throughout your day check your twitter tracker on your page. Click on links posted. These are great web site submission, free advertising sites that you May Not Know about. Why not keep as up to date as you can? It takes 5 minutes and can get your page, your network, your items out there! It keeps you up with the latest and newest trends, sites and more! Give it a try.

If you have any problems installing the twitter tracker, jut comment below and I will personally assist you. It is really very simple!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Using Twitter correctly and getting the followers!

Using Twitter to advertise your items? Social networking has it's benefits and can really help you with your product promotion. The trick is to get the right followers, and make sure you are following the twitters that can benefit you! Don't just promote your items, share your knowledge, your links, your thoughts, and even some fun places with your followers! Always send an occassional direct message to followers. This lets them know you are involved with them personally and taking an interest in their interests! Thus, the social portion of networking! You never know when you will meet that special person who can change your entire business outlook! We are all searching random encounters for the one that matters! Or the many that matter!

Here is a link that will help you increase your followers, then send your new followers a brief message welcoming them and thanking them for their follow!

You can reciprocate and follow them. Browse and link your twitters a few times each day. People post things of interest and that can really help you out with your business all day long! Don't ignore the power of twitter!

Mommy's on a New Site! Let's promote each other!

Here is a great place to promote and add your items! Have fun with it! Try to get your items posted on the front page! You promote me and I will reciprocate!

I am always looking for new outlets and new places to show my stuff! How about you? Found a new place or hot spot that is fun to participate in? Let me know... Comment your URL's and let's all help one another!

Check my new spot here:

Vote for me!

Vote for Me.Best in Show

See me at Cafe Handmade Virtual Craft show this week!
Give me a vote!
Thanks for your support

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New Blog- Mommys Reviews you can Use!

I invite you all to take a moment and check out my newest blog! I think you will find it helpful, informative and packed with information you can use!

Check out (please note it is unse at the end- only open spot?) Bookmark the link!

Reviews of products, freebies, movies, family friendly, and economic savings items! If you would like to have an item reviewed, submit me the information at

Remember- these are non payed reviews. I will give my honest opinion on products that I try!

check it out! Subscribe today!

Check out these Beautiful Scenes

Check out the blog below! Gorgeous, beautiful scenes!
Here is a great article on submitting your site to search engines! The often overlooked local search has great potential! Check it out, and enjoy! Want more like this? Let me know!

The Importance of Local Search

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Multiply Mega Sale!

Here is a deal for my Multiply friends Only! You won't see this offered anywhere else! Just email me prior to purchase at any of the stores listed, and you STEAL the DEAL!

From now until July 30th, Multiply users and friends get a buy one get one free offer at Mommy Tyme Bath and gifts (the only exclusions are scarves and jewelry)! however, gift baskets, sale items, etc. are all included! Just drop me a line prior to purchase, tell me you saw the deal on Multiply- and you will receive an adjusted invoice!

Not ready to buy? That's ok, too! Just send me a note, and let's link as friends. This will keep you updated on all future sales, new items, and more!

Not sure what to choose? How about a sampler? I offer 3 free soap samples for FREE to new customers! These are random samples, but give you the chance to check out new soaps, new blends, and more! You only pay for shipping! Freebies are listed on my Bonanzle at :

See these other great deals:

Kitchen Scrubby set-

Great for pots, pans, kitchen cleaning. Made from durable cotton blend. Machine wash/flat dry! Use over and over again.

The perfect ruffled scarflette! Soft, and thick! Great accessory from the casual workplace to a night on the town! perfect with all wardrobes! The only limitations are your fashion and personal style! Check this one out at

Don't forget the super 3 for 5.00 Bath bar sale for the Month of July only! Perfect for you to try new blends, new fragrances, and more. These are 2-4 ounce bars in a variety of scents! You choose! Made with organic, high grade ingredients like cocoa butter, shea butter, lanolin and much much more! Each is a unique blend you can only get at Mommy Tyme! Tagged and boxed, perfect for giving to someone you love! See this deal at

Sweet and sensual Patchouli! 3.5 ounces in a beautiful victorian mold. Did you know patchouli is a known aphrodisiac?

Kudzu! If you haven't tried it, you have to! This invasive floral was imported into the southern states. It is taking over, but so beautiful and fragrant! Here is a great way to use it! Powerful floral but fruity scent! Try it today!

Visit Mommy Tyme Bath and Gifts at the following locations:

Find Mommy Tyme Bath and gifts on Made it Myself and on Artistry Arts under the Stores Tab!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mommy’s gone overboard, AGAIN

In my attempt to market my products and advertise my items, I started spending endless hours scouring the web, free website submission services, joining social networks, etc. What has now happened is I have joined so many groups and signed up for hundreds of free web surfing sites that I actually spend about 2 ½ hours each morning just trying to catch up with my obligations to the groups I have joined. I then found Twitter. Wow! I thought this is a fantastic opportunity to advertise my items and my sales to thousands of people. That, of course, led to face book, my space and more….


So, what I have run into is about 240 emails each morning when I wake up that need answered. After that I have to check all of my stores (which I also went overboard on, and opened one in several marketplaces), then my pay pal account, and finally, as time allows, I get the chance to update my own website, blog, and add items to my store. This is crazy! I have put myself out there in so many places that I am spending more time on the web then I am on creating the projects I love.


So, this week I have decided to review, reduce, and downsize my outlets and marketing attempts. The reality is, that when you spread yourself so thin, the work you are doing is quantity and not quality. Just putting a badge or banner up on a social network page and showing a few pictures, really isn't what social networking is about. The idea behind the social networking groups is to show yourself to others, make friends (thus the word social), learn new techniques, ideas, share thoughts and more. Your social networks should not just be networks that you think you can sell yourself at, or that you think you can market from. Social networks are not designed for that purpose unless that is in the name and description of the network. Rather, the social network is designed to meet new people, make friends, and find similar interests with others that you can share. Somehow I have missed some great friendship opportunities on these networks because I am so busy trying to catch up with every network.


Another mistake is joining several free web submission services that require you earn credits by surfing pages. Joining one or two of these sites is truthfully all one person can handle if they only have 1-2 hours on the internet a day. If you are not familiar with these programs, the idea is that you surf and review other's people's web sites. You earn credits for each site reviewed. You can then spend these credits by having your website posted for others to review in the same program. This does bring traffic to your site; however, it is not the right traffic. That is the key. You want traffic to your site and stores of people who are interested in purchasing or shopping for your line of items. That is the mistake so many of us make. We think that the odds are in our favor if we get enough individuals browsing our sites, but reality is these individuals are viewing your sites for the same reason you are viewing theirs. Not because you are interested, but because you need credits. So, if you agree to these programs, make sure the program is one which allows you to choose your interests for the sites you will be viewing, and that allows you to plug your site into certain categories that a viewer can choose to look at. So, you would not want to list your site under web development if you are selling jewelry. Otherwise the people who are searching web development may look at your site, but they are not interested.


The same concept applies to your twitter messages. You don't want just any followers, you want the right followers. The same applies when you are searching twitter for people to follow. If you are interested in free web submission, and you type that in, that is what you will get. You can follow these individuals, but it may lead to you getting followers who are interested in free web submission services- not the true items you are marketing. So, at least once or twice a week you should look for twitter's that has key words relative to your items. Examples would be, "shop for jewelry", "green gem stones", etc. Or if you have bath and body products, "lotions on sale", "buy handmade soap", etc. Once you find the twitter's with these key phrases, follow them. Even if they are a seller, too, you may gain some of their followers by the follow list posted to the side. Make sure you tweet some general interest items once in a while, too. People want to get to know the seller, and short brief phrases allow some insight into your personality.


So, learning from my mistakes the past few months, my agenda is now to downsize some of my outlets. I am going to review all the social networks I belong to and reduce my participation to those that I really enjoy, those that I have made friends on, and those that have similar interests to my own. I have listed a few great sites below, and hope if you have time you will check them out! Second, I am going to withdraw my site surfing programs to only two. The two that I choose will allow the viewer to choose categories of sites they want to view, and categories for which they can list their own sites. Finally, I am going to review my twitter follow list and reduce to those that I actually want to read and follow. Hopefully, this will free up at least half of the time I currently spend on the internet and allow me to get back to Creating! I haven't been in the kitchen for a week to make a batch of lotion, soap, or melts. I have barely picked up my crochet hook! Without my time for those interests, I feel empty and lost.


I hope this helps someone else out there who find themselves being sucked into a variety of outlets, and unsure which ones to let go and which ones to pursue. There are only so many hours in the day, and the majority of those hours should be spent doing what you love. If you love marketing on the web, then you are fine, but if you love creating with your hands, you may want to consider downsizing.




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Monday, July 6, 2009

Send a note to Sydney


Please take a moment and read the page listed below. Take a moment from your day today and send this wonderful child a card, note, blog hello or whatever you can! Simple acts of kindness, thoughts of hope, and prayers can change the world, one person at a time!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Club No One Wants to Belong To

Usually I reserve this blog for the craziness that is my life. Today I just really wanted to share a little more of me with you...

A few nights ago I watched “Obsessed” on A&E. One o f the women they were profiling had a miscarriage several years ago. She kept the fetus in her freezer, wrapped up. I heard people at work talking about how weird this is, what a “nut” this woman must be. And I just think, they have no clue as to the pain she has.

At age 34 I was told I could not have children after 10 years of trying every possible way to have children. It killed me. I gave up and wallowed in my own self pity for 3 years. (I will talk about addiction and depression in a future blog). I had lost a child when I was 21 years old. April 21, 1991. I can’t ever forget that moment, and it is with me every day. I can’t remember one single day that has passed that I haven’t thought of what my son would have been like, how old he would be now, would he have just graduated high school? Would he be on his way to college? What kind of mom would I have been?

I was 8 months pregnant when I went into a hard labor. No one told me my child had died days before. No one told me there wasn’t going to be a happy ending at the end of 26 hours of pain. I just lay there, trying, anxious and waiting. Then they told me.

I remember the first few months after my loss. I remember people saying stupid things like, “Maybe it’s for the best”, “How did you think you were going to take care of a baby?”, “There was probably something wrong with the child, and this is God’s way”. I couldn’t stand it. I couldn’t believe people really believed this. Did they have any idea how much I hurt? How much I wanted this child? How empty I was? But, that is what people say. That is what people still say.

Unfortunately when you lose a child you become a private member in a secret club. Membership isn’t optional, and it isn’t open to anyone who hasn’t suffered your pain. And your pain doesn’t go away- Ever. We build up dreams and expectations around a child. And now that child is gone. No one can understand how that feels. It is an empty pit not only in your stomach, but in your feelings, in your interactions with others, in your faith in the world.

I am sharing this blog because I think that people, who don’t have a membership in the group of women who have lost a child, cannot possibly conceive the pain. We don’t want pity, we don’t want you to show us the silver lining, and we just want you to understand. Regardless of the circumstances, regardless of our place in life, society, the economic status, that child grows and becomes us. It is like phantom limb pain. When a person loses an arm, for years they still feel pain in the arm, they still think the arm is there, they forget the arm is long gone. That is how a lost child feels.

The woman on “Obsessed” finally looked at her package in the freezer. She cried, she mourned, and she buried the child. Now, she thinks she can move on. And she will, but she will always hold that place in her for the child that never was.
God has blessed me with a four year old son who has come into my life through very unconventional methods. He is my heart, but I still cry every April for my first child, Caleb Joel. And I wonder about where he would be today at least once each and every day.

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