Monday, July 27, 2009

Make More Sales Series- Phase 1

Ok, so you have a product you want to sell? Well, let's get it out there! First you need to choose a venue to sell your product. If it is handmade, there are several choices like Made it Myself, Etsy, Shop Handmade, Winkelf, and many more (see the tags and links at the bottom). You need to consider, how much are you willing to invest in selling venues. Some are 5-10 bucks, while others are free. However, a free store is useless unless it has traffic, and a large widely publicized store is useless if it has too much competition and others have the same product as you... Thus, the dilemma. So, you will need to explore each store to determine what is right for you. One thing I initially did was to sign up for every store I could find, place my items then just see what happens.... I have now waited about 4 months and am in the phase of narrowing down my store outlets. Attempting to keep up with several stores is difficult and it is hard to track your inventory. Furthermore it is time consuming to list products everywhere. So, figure out which stores you want to try, set them up, and wait a few months to figure out which is the best venue for your Product!
ArtFire - Buy Handmade - Sell Handmade

Do you have other selling venues? Post or comment them to share with our viewers/subscribers/readers....

In the meantime, you will want to access social network sites to find resources, help, support, and friendships. Social networks should not be ignored. This is a wide variety of individuals who may not only be potential customers, but network guru's who can guide you down the right path. I belong to several. Many allow you to post your products, sell your products, post your links, banners, badges and more. That is what you need! So, find the social network that has the tips, members, groups, and forums you are looking for- not just for promoting, but for networking. I have listed several that I belong to, and feel free to sign up for these- tell them Mommy Tyme sent you. Next week we will work on RSS feeds, and your blog!

Visit StartUp

Visit Online Shopping Mall

Visit Artisans/Jewelry Designers Ltd.

Visit The Cafe Handmade Lounge

Visit Live Laugh & Love To Shop

There are so many, I can't list them all right here. But if you use the link below you can browse all of the Ning social networks to find what is right for you.

Visit Ning Directory - Promoting Ning Networks


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