Friday, July 17, 2009

Use the Twitter tracker and promote! Promote! Promote!

For my fellow creators, marketers, and at home business friends- below is a link that I think may help you promote! Take advantage of every free advertising opportunity you can find!

Do you belong to any of the social network sites? Well, I am going to share a trick with you that may help you really promote and build your business...

On your page of your social network site you can add applications. To the left of your page there is typically a link that says add apps. Click on this, then in the search que for apps, type twitter tracker. Install the twitter tracker. Go to the settings of your twitter tracker and type in a key phrase like-
free advertising
web promotion
web site submission
or any other phrase that would pick you up some tips on promotion and free advertising. Set your tracker to post 5 tweets at a time. Periodically throughout your day check your twitter tracker on your page. Click on links posted. These are great web site submission, free advertising sites that you May Not Know about. Why not keep as up to date as you can? It takes 5 minutes and can get your page, your network, your items out there! It keeps you up with the latest and newest trends, sites and more! Give it a try.

If you have any problems installing the twitter tracker, jut comment below and I will personally assist you. It is really very simple!


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