Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Free store? Venue? and Network?

So we have been talking about joining social networks to promote and opening your selling sites.. So, I was just informed the following site is now free for you to sell and you can also join the social network that it works with for free! The two are intertwined, offer you fantastic resources for selling, a great bunch of people to shoot the breeze with, talk shop with, and learn from... This is really an exciting opportunity. So, check it out ...

Visit I Love Artistry Arts

Similarly, the following, Made It Myself, or MIM is also free and has an adjoining social network. Besides that, there is a paid Gift shop site you can participate in. So, take a moment to check these out, also..

Visit Made it Myself on Ning

Good luck in your store and social network choices. Once you have made a few, feel free to post them in the comments and advertise them to our fellow readers... This is a great way to promote your network and your selling sites... Can't wait to hear where you've set up shop!


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