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Organization for Creativity Part 2- Keeping it cheap!

Organizing for creativity - Next Step

So, now that you have sorted and seperated all the areas of your room, you are ready to organize and set up the room in a way that is functional for YOU.  When I divided all the items in my room and sectioned off the areas I found I had more needs than space!  I needed a place to study, a place to do the household finances, etc, a need for an area to work on jewelry making/scrapbooking/wreaths, etc. and a place to store my crochet tools/patterns.  My room just simply is not big enough for all of that!  Realism struck!  This is not going to work! 

So, I decided to work it out on paper- I sectioned off the room and created a hypothetical area for the desk, a theoretical place for the table- I had to leave room for walking and manuevering.  Next I decided what I MUST have handy, and what can be stored.  I will only work on wreaths for a few weeks out of the year, so those supplies can be stored.  In a tote they went, labeled, and moved to the attic.  I went through some of my other items- like jars, bottles, etc. that I have been saving to create something (what?  I don't know yet, it hasn't come to me- But, it will!)  Those type items I boxed up in a tote, labeled and stored.  This continued for a while...

I still had a ton of projects and items that needed space!  So, I tackled one task at a time.  First was to set up the study area.  I rearranged the desk, went through old files, boxed up everything before 2009- labeled and in the attic they went (I literally have receipts from 1997!- is that nuts?)  I had to make room for the desktop, a file cabinet, and my laptop.  I came up with a system, it may not be the greatest, but it saves space and is functional.  The laptop goes with me everywhere, so it has to be somewhere I can grab it and go.  So, I purchased a few desktop organizers from the Dollar Tree for a buck, then put rollers on the bottom of the file cabinet (it was wood- so not to tough a job.  You can purchase rollers at Walmart, the hardware store, etc for under 5.00!  I was fortunate and had an extra set that had come with an entertainment center we purchased a while back!)  WaLa- Instant space!

Then I moved to my jewelry making supplies... This was a little tougher.  There are so many embellishments, findings, beads, crystals, tools, etc.  Before I simply kept everything on the table and worked- but it was crowded, time consuming to find what I needed, and things easily got lost (remember, I have a 4 year old boy!).  So, I thought about what type of components would best serve as storage for all of this.

We have all seen the little clear divided boxes for beads, right?  Those are a great idea, but small.  So, I thought I needed the same concept, but bigger.  I hit the hardware store!  There, I found some great storage ideas- drawers and boxes for nails/screws/washers are PERFECT for beads.  The fronts can be labeled, the drawers slide easily but have a lip so if it gets knocked over the drawers do not come out!  How fantastic is that?  If your a mom, you know exactly why I was so excited!  Another great idea for tools, wire, etc. are the mini 2-3 drawer plastic chests.  All of your tools fit in there, they are small enough to sit on your desk, they are clear so you can see what is in there- all around a great idea AND I got mine at Dollar General for 2.00!  yes, that is right- 2.00!

Here is a few photos of what I am talking about--

These were a tremendous help once I got them filled with individual findings and beads.  I am sure there are all types of storage ideas at the hardware store, much cheaper than what you may find in office supply shops!  

Well, stay tuned as we move to the nightmare I call "Yarn Supply"!  I will post more progress next week!

Have organization ideas?  On the cheap?  share them with us!
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