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Quick Article Ideas for Promoting Your Crafts

By: Kelly McCausey

Crafts – hobby or business? The only real identifier on that question is whether or not your run your business like a business. Are you in it for the profit? Or do you just enjoy creating your crafts?

Many crafters run successful online businesses. Website photo galleries show a wide variety of crafts; and e-commerce makes purchasing easy. The trick is to let others know that you and your crafts exist.

A wonderful, untapped method to promote your website is by the use of article marketing. Obviously you have some talent else you would not have the ability to create such beautiful pieces. Share your expertise with others, and in return you'll realize increased traffic to your website.

Articles provide information; they don't sell. You'll be able to promote yourself as an expert in the craft field, which will in turn, bring you more customers. Just remember that article marketing is about informing, not advertising. The increased business is just a nice bonus of the articles.

But what could you write about, right? Pause for a moment and think about what you know, or what you didn't always know, but because of what you learned you are now able to produce better, faster, prettier crafts?

Does it matter what kind of yarn you use? Write about the selection process. Will just any old sewing machine do? Or would other models make your life easier? Perhaps you're an expert on craft show displays. Write about it.

Is there some gadget that makes creating your crafts so much easier? Others would like to hear about it. Write about the intrinsic value that goes along with gifting a gift that was produced with your own hands - out of love. Write about family heirlooms. Write about creating memories that will last for decades to come. 7069&

Free Advertising? Tips from Nicole Dean...

Is it Really this Easy to Get Free Advertising?

Is it Really this Easy to Get Free Advertising?

By: Nicole Dean

One of the best ways to get free advertising is to simply write articles and give them away. It’s a foreign concept to many in online business, but it’s one of the best ways to get traffic, improve your search engine ranking, and sell more products.

Why Should You Write Articles?

Newsletter and website owners are desperate for content. As someone who owns websites and publishes several newsletters, I can vouch for this. I regularly search article directories, looking for quality information that will help my readers. And, every article I use from these resources gets published with the author’s information and a link to their site.

Why Give The Articles Away?

How much would you pay to include your ad in a newsletter or popular website? Anywhere from $5 to $80. Wouldn’t you prefer to have your ad placed for free? It’s easy to see the financial reward. Look at the bottom of this article. Right there, plain as day, you can see a resource box with my website included, so you have proof that this method works.

How do you write an article?

Take another look at the article that you’re reading right now. It’s short. It’s simple. I’m not a Literary Genius. I’m just being me.

Start by picking something you know about, or a problem that you can solve, and start writing. Just do it!

What should you include in the Author Bio?

Your Name
Something interesting about you or your website
Your website link - Don’t forget this one!
Special offer - Mention a freebie or special offer if you have one.
Don’t use this area to sell. Just get them to your site.

May you have lots and lots of free advertising!

Author Resource -> Nicole Dean is published all over the web, under numerous pen names. She welcomes you to visit 7069&

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