Sunday, November 8, 2009

reBlog from MyBlog2U: TweetYourBlog

I found this fascinating quote today:

   Want to add value to your Twitter Followers?  You can use your Twitter Friends as a resource for blog post ideas!  Go ahead, ask your Twitter Friends what sort of posts they'd like to see on your blog and you are more than likely to get swamped with great ideas.    For example, once a month, you could ask your Friends what issues, reviews, ideas, trends they would like to see covered on your blog.  No more beating your head against the computer screen trying to think of new content.  And no more wondering if your friendly followers are going to like the concept, either.    Before you post about a particular subject, you could just ask your Twitter Friends what they think.  If the majority says it sounds a bit dull or asks how your going to deal with this approach and the problems that you haven't considered, you can start thinking again.  You won't have to wait and sweat over the post to discover if it is going to work.  In addition, you can be sure that you'll have an audience for your post.    The best part about getting your Twitter Friends involved is the responses you'll get.  Asking a crowd for ideas will help keep your posts fresh and updated.     In 140 characters, you can mine this kind of information in a tweet that says, "What would you like to see on my blog this month?"  Another Tweet that can ask, "Want to guest post on my blog?  Send me a DM."  This could land you a ton of interesting answers!    On the other hand, you have to be careful.  Your blog is successful because you created it.  If you hand over too much influence to your readers-or followers-there is a risk that you'll dilute the characteristics that made your site interesting.     A good alternative is to give your followers a choice.  Offer two or three subjects and ask what they'd like to see most.  That would give you a good idea of your readers preferences and you can write about all of them.    Twitter Friends can help to create a few more views and win you some extra revenue.  Using your Twitter Followers as a resource for post ideas can help keep your blog focused and informative.  In addition, your tweet about your subject won't be restricted to your followers.    Those extra clicks from dedicated followers and curious passerbys, are important reasons for marketing your blog on Twitter.   MyBlog2U, TweetYourBlog, Oct 2009

You should read the whole article.


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