Sunday, November 1, 2009

Get paid to click on ads, advertise for less than 5.00! Make money showing off your site!

Ok, I am going to tell you about a program today that works, really works! We have all seen the ads for making money to view ads, making money to try products, etc. etc. Well, I have signed up for more than my share- and made nothing! Plus, a lot of these programs want you to sign up with a 29.00 fee, 50.00 fee, and some more than that! If you are like me, that is a crazy gamble, right? Well, this program is FREE! Not only is it free, you aren't going to get rich, just add a little cash to your account- How much really is up to how much time you spend doing it- You earn about .01 per a click, and .10 for referrals- but, there are some perks! You can advertise there- You can give opinions on products and earn much more, and there is a direct wholesale shopping link and you earn cash back on products you already buy- (and the costs are much cheaper here!)-

Well, I love to try and share a little extra for the WAHMS out there, plus I know us crafters/sellers of handmade, can always use a little extra money streaming in...

The link is :

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