Saturday, October 10, 2009

Selling Online? Where? How?

Lately I have heard a lot of networkers say that they are not having much luck with their sales. I ask, "where are you selling at?" and they typically tell me one shop and a blog- well, that is probably not enough, unless you have a serious traffic service that is bringing you tons of customers every day- otherwise, you need to branch out, get your name known, so that the SEO's bring you up at the top when people enter searches for the type of items you have...

We all know about etsy, right? Well, what else is there?

How about Winkelf-
It is free!
you can add tons of products, share a store widget, and there are tons of tools for promoting your products...

Here is my widget:

You can place your widget everywhere! Social networks (in the text section), blogs, web sites, etc! This will get you noticed, but also, your tags for the items on this widget are being found, as well as, you Name! That is a key factor- if you have several shops, make sure you use the same name, the same introduction, etc. That will increase you in the search ranks!

Here is the link to sign up for a Winkelf Store!
When you sign up for your free store, please tell them Mommy Tyme or Valerie Poling referred you!

WiNKELF - Your Boutique Shopping Scene!

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