Friday, October 30, 2009

Openings on the Site! New Month, New Opportunities

Well, here it is another month coming around....November! Actually, November is one of my favorite months... The leaves, the weather, the bonfires! I am also really excited about promoting some of my new holiday items! And, I have made a committment this year to Buy Handmade! I hope you all do the same? Anyway, with a new month, means a new blank slate for my Spotlight Page! I want to offer everyone here the opportunity first... If you would like to promote your shop, store, business (and it does not have to be handmade, but it does have to be something that is beneficial to women, Mom's, or the family unit), then please check out the spot and get me your info. As always, this is totally free, but it is first come first serve- AND you have to meet the criteria of what I am trying to offer to my viewers-

So, visit and see what you think. I am still in the process of getting ready for the new month, so the current featured shops will be removed, with new added! I update the ENTIRE site monthly with new articles! So browse around and if you see a page that you could add to, let me know! I will give you FREE banner and link advertising if I publish your articles or tidbits! I have recipes, beauty and health tips, ideas for families spending time together and much more! Really check it out. I am always looking for contributions from outside sources!

One more thing- if you have a contest, drawing or something fun going on at your site/blog- let me know! It will get announced on the website and on my other blog- Mommy's Reviews! Oh, yeah, do you want to promote your social network? Belong or run a Ning? I haven't started this yet, but for November, I would really love to feature a Ning or social network each month that my readers may find fun and helpful!

So, get to the site, see where you fit, sign the guestbooks with your information or comment here- and let's work together! I still have plenty of openings !!!

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