Friday, August 7, 2009

Spotlighting the Fuzz B

The Spotlight is up and running... So, if you have a grand opening, a sale, or any contests/giveaways you want to promote...go to the link below, scroll down and complete the submission requirements. This is free, and only requires your assistance in tweeting, and promoting by posting the banner! check out what's up there now! Some great sales are currently underway....

This week I want to introduce the newbies to selling online to a great resource... The Fuzz B. This is an excellent spot to sell your wares, and a great option for promoting. There are a few things that make the Fuzz B different from other venues:

1. At the Fuzz B you can create your own unique marketplace- Not just a store, but a market category in which you can allow others to sell under. All of your store items do not have to go under this category, but you can place several. For example, you have likely heard of cafe handmade? That is a marketplace that contains multiple items from various vendors... Or Cotton Candy Marketplace? I even have a Mommy Tyme Gifts Marketplace. You can design, list, and link this marketplace to any social network you choose... Exciting, eh?

2. Another cool option with the fuzz b is the ability to promote all of your various stores (not just Fuzz B stores) from one single page. You can add your widgets from various sites like Artfire, Winkelf, Etsy, etc onto your Fuzz B page. Crazy! This simplifies your life, as you can just list one URL for promoting items at all your various venues. It also allows for you to promote your blog, your website and more! (see my example at

3. There are various pricing options- all very affordable. You can try a shop for free, too! How can you beat that? Then if you enjoy the ease of access, friendly environment, and supportive team, you can upgrade to a regular store, and more!

Oh, and don't forget you can create a widget store that you can post anywhere... See mine below!

See what is happening at the Fuzz B

Blue Fuzzy Slipper

Blue Fuzzy Slipper

Stop by my Fuzz Hub page and check out more great things you can do at the Fuzz B!


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