Monday, August 17, 2009

Get your banner! Get your Avatar!

I had once been told by a great marketing genius (From Marketing Mama's 101, Jackie Ladner), that you should have a consistent banner and graphics to depict your shop/store. Well, I didn't believe her and I wanted different graphics for each of my stores- Hmm.... I think she was right! I have found that it is difficult to keep the banners straight- I get confused on what goes where, etc. Also, my customers do not recognize this as the same company. So, She was right, I was wrong! I have looked at all my banners and Just can't decide- I have been creating mine through a free banner service (Banner Maker)- if you check the archives you will find the post that discusses how to use and create your own banners.

Now that my business is starting to take off- I think I need one, select banner to represent the store. However, I will use a different banner for each of my blogs- thus, to keep those straight and not confuse my readers. Each of the blogs is so different, - one is for marketing, one is for personal wellness/life change, and one is for family friendly and reviews of products...

However, in searching for the perfect banner to represent my company, I want to ensure that it is something I will keep forever. It is not good to change your look constantly. I have finally figured out my best packaging of my product strategy, so it is time to find the perfect representation. I have scoured several different banner sites, shops, etc. One that I think you could all try, be happy with, and is completely affordable is Heartland Graphics- see the link below. Give it a try, browse, let me know what your think. I still haven't made the official CHOICE for mine yet- but when I do, I will let you all know.

In the meantime, check the graphics out... If you sell handmade, I think you will find the underlying theme they have at Heartland will go well with your products!

Heartland Graphics-Affordable Graphics


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