Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tweet A Long!

Want to participate? Have your items retweeted over and over? Well, this is a two way street, buddy! You have to help, too! (just kidding!). Here is how it works-

Comment and add your link to your item you have entered into the Pursuit of Handmade

Others will click on your link and then SHARE it with a share button or you can copy and cut the URL and add it to your twitter

Before you post, add #POH at the end of the tweet

Whenever you or others go to twitter, they can do a search for #POH and then all of the other posts that related to Pursuit of Handmade will come up! Just click the retweet link! Simple, easy, and helps one another, right? Well, get busy then!


letamariedesigns said...

Well, I just tweeted (some I scheduled on hootsuite) all the shops that have commented on the Mothers Day Pursuit of Handmade. Used
the hash tag #POH~~Will see what happens~~ Leta

Mommy Tyme said...

Great! I hope it helped! I am constantly tweeting with the hashtag, but I am afraid not too many people are participating! I hope you continue to tweet and I will tweet you back!

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