Thursday, May 6, 2010

Enter the May Pursuit HERE!

I think I may have been confusing everyone with my change of venue with the blog! So sorry! I would like participants to the May Pursuit of Handmade to Enter here with a comment! Just comment with your URL to the item or place where I can find it! If you want to share a little something about your item, that would give it a little more "juice" when it is featured, that would be fantastic! So, comment below!

Remember- the Tweet along- just tweet or share others and yourself, add the hash tag "#POH" at the end, and I will find you, Retweet you, and share! You can do a simple search and do the same.

May's Theme- "Something for Someone Special" Any item that one could give to that someone special in their life- The theme is in appreciation for all those special people who help us along in life that may not fit under the Mothers Day umbrella!

So, come on, post post post

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Linda said...

Guess I will be the first to post. I love Pink and Roses as you will be able to tell when you visit _

Thank you so much for letting us do this.

Chatty Cat's said...

Hi Valerie!

What a wonderful idea! I am including a link to a necklace whose creation took me back to my childhood. It was featured on Beaders Showcase, and it is the easiest link to read about the necklace and the inspiration for it! People can reach my ArtFire Studio from there. Thanks so much for bringing us all together this May! Have a wonderful Mother's Day. I so wish my mom was here to spoil...
Chatty Cat's

Anonymous said...


I wanted to share DOOV he is very close to my heart and was created in the memory of driving around in my dad's old Zephyr convertible listening to Elvis and Rock n Roll, and dressing up in all manner of 50's dresses. :D

JustATish said...

Excellent idea! Networking is one of the most overlooked and most rewarding activities out there!

This is one of my favorite pendants. I love making free form pendants. The designs goes where it wants until I tie off that final wrap. That makes each piece an original, because try as I may, I can never duplicate them! It is always a surprise to see the outcome.

Adventures in Art said...

Great Idea!

"Sea Breeze" is one of my favorite paintings. It makes me feel like I can escape to some peaceful, quiet place. I painted "Sea Breeze" in the middle of winter, dreaming of warmer days. If I can't be there in body I can always go in my mind. I hope you enjoy it too.


letamariedesigns said...

I am linking these Dragonfly Earrings. I would watch them and the Humming Birds at my Grandma Leta's house. I miss her so much~gone 2 years now.

Mommy Tyme said...


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