Sunday, May 2, 2010

May's Pursuit of Handmade

Announcing May's Pursuit of Handmade-

For some Mother's Day is a wonderful moment of sharing and appreciating your family- for other's it can be a painful, lonely day... Families are blended and full of so many different caregivers, that Mothers and Fathers day may not apply in the Hallmark meaning, but in so many other ways that are just as meaningful! So, I wanted to go beyond Mother's Day for May and find "To give someone you love..." That is pretty open, and can mean anything you want it to! So, list your item link here by commenting! Than hop over to Mishaps of Mommy at and sign up for the Pursuit of Handmade Tweet Along- share your link again, and if you want- a story of inspiration about the item, about you, or what this theme means to you! We will show you and your fab. item off here!

Add your link, a story about your item, and then start sharing everyone else's entries! Just click on the links in the comments and then Share, Share, Share!
Remember, whenever you post your Pursuit of Handmade item, or another person's who is participating here- add #POH at the end so we can all just search and Retweet!

I am so glad you came to join in the fun! Dont forget to add yourself to the Tweet Along, too!


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