Friday, February 26, 2010

Fishing for traffic? Try this one...

If you were fishing for Barracuda you wouldn�t go to the Arctic, would you?

And you wouldn�t try to find many Killer Whales on the Equator either, would you?

So, if you�re marketing your site to other Marketers and Opportunity Seekers where do you think you should advertise?

Where is the place you�re likely to get best response?

Yep, you�re right! You�d go wherever other marketers are advertising and viewing websites. Wouldn�t you?

So, I�ve found this new site that delivers a torrent of targeted traffic for online marketers. It�s called Traffic-Splash and they also provide promotional tools to help you build your business.

You can join for free and this gives you the ability to generate up to 250 hits an hour to your sites or you can upgrade and generate up to 750 hits an hour.

They have a special half-price offer for now, where you can upgrade at half-price ($4.98 a month), earning 50% on all your referrals and any random referrals that the owners generate for you too.

The traffic is all well targeted, I�ve not found any cold barracuda yet, so I�m very pleased with the results so far!

I think you�ll be pleased too. Check it out.

Happy Fishing!

Warm Regards

PS What�s warm and wet and puts floods of eyeballs on your site? Only way you�re gonna find out is by checking out the promotional tools at

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