Friday, August 12, 2011

Making a purse from an old book- First altered book project!


And here is what I have been working on lately.... An altered book that turned into a purse... I decided to focus myself on creating for the purpose of creating with this piece instead of attempting to direct my work towards a visualized end result, and the outcome was fantastic (I think).  I had so much fun with this project and the processes involved actually engulfed me.  I had a difficult time waiting for stages to dry, as I was so involved with the techniques and methods while working on this.  I did not set out with an expectation of what I would create, instead I just let myself create without pressure or stress.  What I started with was a Readers Digest hardback condensed book, and I new I wanted to take a stab at trying to alter it- but, I did not intend on creating a purse.  Mishaps became blessings in the process and when one avenue did not work, I just allowed the work to head down a different path.  I did photograph each of the steps and plan to make a tutorial in the upcoming week.  I hope you like this as much as I do. I used the butterflies on the front to symbolize the flight and freedom of the project, and the bicycle represented moving forward on the path.  The purse has a fabric lining and the entire exterior has been lacquered to preserve the design elements.  A mixed medly of techniques and applications were used including collage, image transfers, sewing, painting, stamping and embossing (to name a few).

I hope you take a few minutes to explore the wonderful creations of others presented at the parties I plan to participate in with my purse- find them at the following:

Have you visited the Mommy Tyme Gifts blog lately? Hope to see you there- eventually my goal is to have this blog moved to that spot, and put all my ideas, thoughts, marketing goals, etc. in one place to share but I have not made that leap yet! Oh, and stop by the new website at and see the latest from Mommy Tyme including tutorials, new jewelry ideas, fashions, and fun gifts!


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